Things to ask when hiring a product design and development firm

Before you hire, it is crucial to ask certain questions that will define how you want your product development journey to look. Use our downloadable worksheet when assessing a new product development partner.

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Free Product Requirements Worksheet

Our free downloadable Product Requirements Document worksheet will help you get your product development team aligned around the features and purpose of your new product or solution.

3 traits your new product development partner must have

Product development is a complex process that requires a strong product development team. Here are three traits to look for in your new partner.

Things to ask when hiring a product design and development firm

This free downloadable worksheet can be used as a guide for hiring a PD firm to help improve your product development process.

The requirement of businesses, teams and product development in 2021

On what I hope is the tail-end of one of the most unpredictable 14 months in recent history, filled with medical, economical, and business challenges, I’ve reflected on what is required in 2021- of businesses, teams and product development.

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