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Precision in Cable Assembly

Hatch Contract Manufacturing offers highly specialized cable assembly services, where attention to detail is paramount and precision is the standard. Recognizing the critical nature of cable assemblies in the vast array of applications they service, Hatch has expert technicians who are rigorously trained, combining their adept manual dexterity with state-of-the-art automation tools. Hatch offers cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering, and comprehensive testing. Each step is carefully monitored and executed with a focus on producing assemblies that ensure signal integrity, electrical safety, and durability.

Cable Assembly Process at Hatch Contract Manufacturing

Cable Assembly Services & Resources

  • Custom Cable Assemblies
  • Wire Harness Assembly
  • Coaxial Cable Assembly
  • Complex Ribbon Cable Assembly
  • Power Cable Assembly
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Overmolding and Potting
  • Connectorization
  • Automated Cut and Strip
  • Soldering and Crimping
  • Prototype Cable Assembly
  • Testing & Certification
  • Cable & Wire Preparation
  • Custom Labeling & Packaging
  • Supply Chain Management
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Uncompromising Precision

Hatch’s cable assembly services provide extraordinary precision to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity of cable assemblies.

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Customization & Flexibility

Each client’s cable assembly needs are unique. With highly customizable options, cable assemblies are tailor-made to fit specific requirements.

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Quality Assurance

Hatch is committed to quality in every cable assembly to reduce the risk of component failure, ensuring continuous operation and efficiency.

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Streamlined Production

Hatch’s streamlined process maximizes efficiency and throughput of cable assemblies.

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