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Prototypes are essential for testing, marketing and gaining user feedback for an in-progress product. The Hatch team of makers have vast experience in prototype builds as well as connections to a wide range of product prototyping tools and production methods.

We are skilled at:

  • Product testing prototypes
  • Fully functional working prototypes
  • Proof-of-concept models
  • Appearance models
  • Iterative mechanical refinement
  • RTV Molding
  • 3D printing
  • Color and Material Matching
  • High-Speed CNC Machining
Prototyping specialists working on a product development project


One of Hatch’s most important assets is our network. We’ve built a wide network of trusted partners stateside and around the globe to help deliver outstanding product solutions on time and on budget. We have access to a diverse selection of partners for a wide range of deliverables, from tooling to manufacturing, kitting to assembly.

We are skilled at:

  • Prequalified suppliers
  • Piece part sourcing or full production and assembly
  • Vendor qualification of new suppliers
  • Die cast and plastic tooling
Global sourcing for product development projects


It’s time to Hatch! Our team will bring you through the manufacturing process seamlessly.

We are skilled at:

  • Stateside and overseas partners
  • Injection molding
  • Die Casting
  • Metal Stamping
Manufacturing product development professionals
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