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Research | Insights | User Feedback

Whether driven by the market, development of the product, or the user, we gain an understanding of potential challenges and opportunities in the product development process. Hatch conducts research to inform the process and create products that address the real desires of stakeholders. Research can maximize the chances of developing a market-capturing, successful solution.

We are skilled at:

  • Developing research programs that fit your budget and goals, whether it be online surveys, in-person interviews & concept testing, virtual programs, innovation workshops and more
  • Gaining an understanding the use-case scenarios and uncovering opportunities to leverage in development
Hatch Industrial Product Design
Hatch Industrial Product Design

Industrial Product Design | Product Visualization | Ideation

We design product forms and features that spark consumer desire. Our designers work to create inspired, intuitive industrial product designs that capture the imagination and drive demand.

We are skilled at:

  • Ideation, brainstorming, innovation workshops, photorealistic renderings
  • Market, color, competitive landcape and trends analysis
  • Color, material and finish (CMF) design and documentation
  • Product platform and architecture definition
  • Human factors
  • Product lifecycle design
  • Physical mockups and form studies
Hatch Industrial Product Design
Hatch Industrial Product Design

User Experience Design | User Interface Development

We design interactions between user and product that delight. Our UX designers create experiences that are intuitive and clear, while strengthening the user’s impression of the brand.

We are skilled at:

  • App design
  • Embedded UI design
  • Web Design
  • Physical Interactions
  • Human Factors
  • Rapid Prototyping and Simulations
  • Visual Communications
  • Iconography
  • Instructions and Packaging
Hatch Industrial Product Design
Hatch Industrial Product Design

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