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Engineering Pilot Build

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Validate Your Product With Hatch's Engineering Pilot Build

The Hatch engineering pilot build process is a critical step in bridging the gap between concept and mass production. This phase is meticulously designed to validate manufacturing processes, materials, and the final design under real-world conditions. By constructing a limited batch of fully functional prototypes, we can thoroughly assess and refine the product’s design, functionality, and manufacturability. This phase also allows for the identification and resolution of potential issues before they become costly or complex at the mass production stage.

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Engineering Pilot Build Services

  • Prototype Development and Refinement
  • Design for Manufacturability Analysis
  • Material Testing and Selection
  • Rapid Prototyping Techniques
  • Small Batch Production Runs
  • Functional Testing
  • Quality Control Systems Establishment
  • Process Validation and Optimization
  • Supply Chain and Vendor Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis and Reduction Strategies
  • Environmental and Compliace Testing
  • User Experience and Ergonomic Testing
  • Packaging Design and Testing
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Risk Mitigation

An engineering pilot build plays a crucial role in identifying and addressing potential issues before a product reaches mass production.

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Validation of Design & Functionality

Pilot builds provide a valuable opportunity to validate the design and functionality of a product to ensure it meets design specifications and performs as intended.

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Streamlining of Manufacturing Processes

Through this build, Hatch can fine-tune the manufacturing process for efficiency and scalability. This is critical for a smooth transition to mass production.

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Assessment of Production Costs and Feasibility

Conducting a pilot build allows a more accurateunderstanding of production costs involved, helping to forecast profitability while making informed pricing and marketing decisions.

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