Hatch Featured on Company Week by Sustainment

Company Week by Sustainment recently interviewed Mark Schwartz and published a profile on Hatch Product Development. In the interview, Schwartz discusses how he and the team at Hatch Product Development have embraced the principle of client defined manufacturing, which involves understanding customers' specific needs and desires when sourcing materials for their products. 

Schwartz emphasizes flexibility and transparency in working closely with customers to achieve their product development goals. Unlike many manufacturers, Hatch combines engineering product development and USA manufacturing in-house, allowing for lifelong support and a deeper understanding of the design and efficiency in the production processes. Hatch applies a pragmatic approach to open book pricing, providing transparency and avoiding unexpected surprises for their customers. Ultimately, this results in a mutually beneficial relationship between Hatch and its customers.

Hatch serves diverse markets such as medical, military, public safety, industrial, and consumer products, which helps mitigate fluctuations in manufacturing due to economic forces and changing consumer preferences. Unlike many manufacturers struggling to find skilled workers, Hatch has not faced significant challenges in this area, thanks to its location north of Chicago, where employees can afford to live and work. 

The company has a strong sales backlog and anticipates long-term contracts which provides stability and contributes to the company's overall health. Hatch is also exploring opportunities for automation and has plans to expand operations.

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Announcing Hatch CM's ISO 9001 Certification

As Hatch Contract Manufacturing has grown, we've strived to continuously improve our processes and elevate our commitment to excellence. That's why we're thrilled to announce a significant milestone: achieving ISO 9001 certification!

Q4 2023 & Q1 2024: What's Crackin

Read the Q4 2023 & Q1 2024 edition of Hatch's newsletter, What's Crackin. This issue features a product spotlight on Ovie LightTags and recent ongoings at Hatch Product Development and Contract Manufacturing.

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