Tego Safety Outlet Plugs

The Challenge

The TegoTech magnetic wall outlet is a groundbreaking solution designed to prioritize the safety of your loved ones. The patent-pending technology is engineered to safeguard against electrical injuries and deaths by effectively blocking the insertion of foreign objects into the socket. Additionally, the innovative device is useful for those with mobility limitations, poor dexterity, or visual impairments to easily plug and unplug items.

The TegoTech team consists of more than a dozen Northwestern University students who took what started out as a project from The Garage at Northwestern to new heights. The group connected with Hatch to take their existing proof of concept and refine the design before building an Alpha prototype.

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
TegoTech Safety Outlet Plugs
TegoTech Safety Outlet Plugs Pre-Alpha Proof of Concept
This is TegoTech’s pre-alpha proof of concept.


The Hatch team started with TegoTech's existing proof of concept and meticulously refined the design, addressing existing challenges and introducing innovative features. The mechanical and electrical engineering teams at Hatch were able to design a new clever rotating protection cover into the device while also making the product much thinner. The team’s dedication to improving the magnetic wall outlet from TegoTech has resulted in a sleeker, more efficient, and safer solution that sets a new standard in electrical socket protection.

TegoTech Safety Outlet Plugs Development

Alpha Prototype of TegoTech Safety Outlet Plugs

Once the design phase was completed and approved, Hatch began work to create TegoTech’s functional Alpha prototype. An Alpha prototype is a vital tool in the product development process to ensure product feasibility and functionality. The housing prototype was 3D printed, which kept costs low while still providing full device functionality. Since the tolerance of 3D printing material is less exact than CNC or plastic injection molding, the team refined the printed prototype to ensure structural integrity. The Alpha prototype has allowed TegoTech to test the design in real-world conditions while sharing their innovation with potential investors and future customers.


The TegoTech team, led by Chirag Goel, won second place in the Social Impact Track of VentureCat 2023! The team used their fully functional Alpha prototype as part of their pitch at this competition hosted at Northwestern University. As a result, the team received funding to continue on the path of bringing their product to market.

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TegoTech team won second place in the Social Impact Track of VentureCat 2023 for their Safety Outlet Plugs
Chirag Goel of TegoTech

“Working with the Hatch team was an absolute game-changer for our start-up.

Their engineering expertise and dedication were instrumental in transforming our magnetic wall outlet proof of concept into a fully functional prototype. This prototype is not only paving the way for securing the necessary funds to continue our mission but, more importantly, it brings us one step closer towards preventing childhood electrocution injuries from wall outlets and making the ubiquitous household item more accessible to use. With Hatch's support, TegoTech has the potential to make countless homes safer for children and families alike. We couldn't be more grateful for their partnership and contributions to this vital cause.”

Chirag Goel | Founder & CEO of TegoTech

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