Revolutionizing Fitness with the Speede Fitness Strength-Building Equipment

The Challenge

Speede had a vision for a fitness device that builds strength in a fraction of the time it takes lifting with traditional weights in the gym. They had a tight deadline of just three and a half months to build a finished prototype, which is why they turned to Hatch to deliver their product requirements quickly and expertly. The Hatch team went to work with both quality and efficiency in mind.

User Experience Design
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Software & Firmware

"I had an idea and a vision for what I wanted, and Hatch quickly turned it into a reality. I am blown away by how efficiently they were able to build a fully functional alpha prototype. People are speechless when I tell them that it's just the prototype. Using the machine for the first time is something I've been envisioning for years and will never forget. I don't think there's any other design firm that could have delivered this high quality of a device while meeting ambitious deadlines. they are tremendous at what they do and have been a pleasure to work with."

Daniel Mooney | Co-Founder + President of Speede Fitness


Hatch worked hand in hand with the Speede Fitness team through the process of bringing their product to life, which included mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, user interface design, industrial design, and software development. The aggressive timeline was made possible by the hardworking, agile team at Hatch.

The client's dream quickly evolved from sketches and renders to a developed product. Staying organized and efficient was key to ensuring that this product would hit startup milestones.

The team began designing and engineering the device while also building out multiple benchtop prototypes focusing on different functionality of the device.


Once the design was complete, Hatch built a working alpha prototype of the unit to prove out the functionality and usability. Since the prototype was intended to be used at a launch event for athletes and potential investors to test out the unit, Hatch created a prototype that was more than a typical engineering alpha prototype. This is a high-end prototype, which is why the team put extra attention and care into creating a device that would be ready to show off to potential customers and investors at the event.

Speede Fitness Alpha Launch

The final alpha prototype was built with extreme attention to branding design and details. It is both sleek and functional, and was ready to be shown off at the customer's launch event where pro athletes and investors came to test it out. The device was able to handle over 1100 pounds of workout force from world-renowned athletes.



meet the
Alpha Speede Device

"I just could not believe that I did five reps of curls, and I felt like I'd been doing curls for two and a half hours."

Michael Chandler | MMA Fighter after using the Speede alpha prototype

A weightless workout is smarter, more efficient, and more effective.

Isokinetic training allows improved performance & strength during workouts.

Safely build strength faster to accelerate results.

"You're cutting your lifting time in half just by doing those reps [with this device]."

Terrell Owens | Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro athletes, investors, and clients attended the launch, and provided extremely positive feedback, thus validating Speede's product and Hatch's design and prototype build. The technology-driven equipment was created successfully in the aggressive three and a half month timeline, and allows the user to workout safely, effectively, and efficiently.

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