LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeeps

The Challenge

The LORE Products Wild Door is a “ten-second” offroading door for Jeeps. This tube door has five configurations that can be achieved in mere seconds. The door can be a completely open-air door, but as soon as unexpected weather conditions hit, the door can be reconfigured for complete coverage.

The family behind LORE Products has been dreaming of this product for years. They saw a clear market need and decided to pursue making it a reality. To do this, they were looking for a partner who could take their initial prototype and iterate on it to refine the design, build more prototypes for testing and marketing, and ultimately manufacture the product.

Mechanical Engineering
LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeep Configurations
LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeep with Arrows Showing Functionality


The team started with LORE Products’ existing design and prototype. The design needed refinement to make it a lightweight, sleek product that fits on a Jeep JL.

The center console was designed in a way that it could be quickly attached to the tubular frame. This center console houses two independent retractable covers: a clear cover for the top half and an opaque fabric for the bottom half. Both covers attach via Velcro to the door frame to keep the fabric in place.

LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeep CAD drawings
LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeep CAD drawings

Alpha Prototype of Doors for Jeeps

LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeep Alpha Prototype in Progress
LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeep Alpha Prototype Center Console

The team used the new design to create an Alpha Prototype of the Wild Door. The Alpha Prototype served two main purposes. First, it enabled testing of the product to ensure how it fits on a Jeep and its performance. Second, it served as a working prototype for the LORE Products team to debut at their first event, Jeep Beach 2023 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Alpha Prototype from LORE Products installed on red Jeep
LORE Products Offroading Door Alpha Prototype on Red Jeep
LORE Products Offroading Doors for Jeep Alpha Prototype Locking Mechanism


The initial feedback of the Alpha Prototype was fantastic. Attendees at Jeep Beach 2023 were thrilled to learn about the Wild Door’s existence, and the comments on social media have been extremely positive.

LORE Products team at Jeep Beach 2023 showcasing Doors for Jeep on a beach

“Definitely a game changer for sure.”

“Yes! Love this new tube door concept by [LORE] Products! Can’t wait for them to be put in production!!!”

“I think you’ve got a hit on your hands and we’re anxiously following your progress toward production!”

“This design is so cool!”

LORE Products Alpha Prototype doors for Jeep on a stand at Jeep Beach 2023
LORE Products team at Jeep Beach with Alpha Prototype of Doors for Jeep
LORE Products booth at Jeep Beach 2023 showing off prototype of doors for Jeep

“Hatch’s expertise and attention to detail resulted in an Alpha prototype that was incredibly well-received by the Jeep community. Their execution has laid a solid foundation for our company's success.”

James Bell | Co-Founder of LORE Products

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