The requirement of businesses, teams and product development in 2021

On what I hope is the tail-end of one of the most unpredictable 14 months in recent history, I’ve reflected on what is required in 2021- of businesses, teams and product development. If there’s one thing necessary in 2021, it’s flexibility. Changing work environments, travel plans, budgets and vendors have become the norm. Teams have to be nimble above all else right now, and we all have to find ways to be energized instead of flustered with each new pivot. A wide network of vendors, partners, and experts is one of the most powerful tools of flexible businesses. When connections are strong and vast, and things change – whether they be a shut down at a manufacturing facility, the need to ramp up engineering quickly or to bring in industry-specific expertise – a healthy system of connections makes most things possible. I challenge you, as I’ve done of myself, to test the flexibility of yourself, your teams and your business. While the pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges all over the world, something, often on a much smaller scale, will require flexibility to overcome. I’ve purposefully started Hatch to be that partner that always comes in clutch- no matter the challenges. If you’re ready to hatch something new, let’s talk.

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8 Steps for the Most Effective Software Development Process

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